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Picture of the Week - Firenze

Firenze is a game about tower building in Florence, which was apparently a big status symbol there way back in the Renaissance. I had heard good things about it both from the internets and from some in my group, so I was happy to play it last week for the first time. And while I certainly enjoyed the experience, the best thing I walked away from it with was this picture...<< MORE >>

Exploring Games, Episode 23: Exploring Microgames

As I finally make my way back to the mic, I turn my critical eye on the whole "Microgame" fad that has swept over the hobby. What is a Microgame? Why are they so popular? Are they good for the hobby? I attempt to address these and other questions as I explore the topic, and then follow up by reviewing three games that fall into this basic category: Love Letter, Coup, and Bang! The Dice Game...<< MORE >>

GamerChris Turns 7!

Yep, it's that time again...  My BLOG-I-VERSARY!!!!!

Seven years ago today, I wrote my first article on this blog.  Stay tuned over the next few days for a look back over the last year and a look forward to what I'd like to see in year 8!

8 Minutes til The End of Eldritch Concordia

In what will probably be a vain attempt to catch up and stay on track here on ye olde blogge, now I'll talk about the next couple of game nights that I managed to attend... << MORE >>

Adventure in Caveman Dystopia

Whoops... Sorry to have fallen off the planet for a couple of weeks there. I didn't mean to do that, but work's been crazy, and in just one week, I had two funerals and a 6-year-old birthday with its ensuing party going on in my personal life. So I'll consider myself lucky that I just got to play a few games over the last month or so. Oh, and I totally dropped the ball on the name of this post. I came up with the title after one week of game night, but then added in a second week later on since it had happened as well. But try as I might, I wasn't ever able to come up with a revised title that I liked nearly as much as Adventure in Caveman Dystopia. Heck, if that were a game, I'd be all for that. I'm sure there would be lots of crazy hijinks going on in a caveman dystopia, especially if you were adventurers there. But I guess, really, any society of cavemen would probably be pretty dystopic. Okay, that's enough pent-up tangential rambling, so why don't I actually get on with the game content...<< MORE >>

Picture of the Week(s) - Concordia

No, I'm not dead. I've been busy, but I've also been playing games. And one of the new ones I've played recently is the non-rondel Mac Gerdts game, Concordia. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and I also thought that it was absolutely beautiful. The colors are just brilliant, and I rather like the chunky meeple/shipeeple look...<< MORE >>

Caylus Loves to Bang Madeira!

I was doing pretty well with keeping up there for a few weeks, but now I once again find myself waaay behind in my game night reports. I'm not going to try and get it all back in one fell swoop, but I will combine a couple of game nights that have a similar theme: that of containing one big, meaty game... << MORE >>

Picture of the Week - Madeira

I'm going to be quick this time around and just get my Picture of the Week posted. It's from my first play of Madiera, which is a heavy-ish eurogame about producing goods, selling them, and shipping them to colonies...<< MORE >>

Meeple Contest Answers...

As I promised in yesterday's podcast, here are the answers to the Meeple collage contest...<< MORE >>

Exploring Games, Episode 22: Exploring The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

This episode is all about the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. This is a game that I've had a lot of strong and contradictory feelings about ever since I first heard of it. But now after playing it nearly 30 times, I feel ready to dispel some myths, explore the reality of what the game does and does not do, and then finally share my opinion about how I have been able to settle my ambivalence concerning it...<< MORE >>

Picture of the Week - Caylus

Last week, I managed to fill in one really big gap in my modern boardgaming experience by playing Caylus for the first time. And in processing the images from that game, I found that the colors of the pieces were very hard to balance, where the pictures either looked too dim or they would become oversaturated when I brightened them up. So this prompted me to try some of the filters in my editing software to kind of sidestep this problem...<< MORE >>

Nanuk on the Road to Great Heartland Adventure

Wow, where did the last week go? Between a big project at work and just another busy week with the kids and all, I haven't had any time at all to write or record much of anything. And I have to admit that I was a little distracted for a couple of days surrounding the long-awaited creation of the Acute Care page on BGG and a very unexpected mention on BGG News. But finally, I find myself here with a few minutes to go back through what I played at game night a couple of weeks ago... << MORE >>

Exploring Games, Episode 21: Exploring Nanuk and a Contest!

Once again, it's been a while, so a huge portion of this show is dedicated to just talking about games that I've been able to play recently. But I also do a couple of other things, like call some more attention to my ongoing contest to win copies of Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia and Nanuk. And speaking of Nanuk, I then go on to do a detailed review of it and hopefully stoke your desire to enter the contest! Lastly, my voice gives up the ghost before I can get around to reviewing Trains, so we'll have to save that for next show...<< MORE >>

Picture of the Week - The Great Heartland Hauling Co.

Yeah, I know I've used pictures of The Great Heartland Hauling Co. before as my Picture of the Week, but you just have to go with what looks best sometimes...<< MORE >>

Glass Train Baron

Game night is a pretty fluid thing, and the experience I have each week is so totally dependent on the sub-group that I happen to fall into. This time around, I was joined by Chip and Stacy all evening for what turned out to be a "eurogame" extravaganza...<< MORE >>
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